How do you define clean technology?

Clean technology includes any process, good or service that reduces environmental impacts through:

  • Environmental protection activities that prevent, reduce, or eliminate pollution or any other degradation of the environment
  • Resource management activities that result in the more efficient use of natural resources, thus safeguarding against their depletion
  • The use of goods that have been adapted to be significantly less energy or resource intensive than the industry standard

Can an employer hire multiple interns with the same approved posting? 

Each internship that you wish to apply for funding requires a separate submission even if the position is identical. Every submission in our system represents a single internship and a single potential intern.

Depending on the availability of funding there may be a limit in place for the number of internships per employer.

What is the expected rate of pay for an intern? 

There is no defined rate of pay, but you can consult the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat salary guide as a reference for pay rates. It is important to note that employers must provide a living salary and ensure that they are respecting provincial minimum wages and to attract the best candidates, it is recommended to pay a competitive salary for your given industry.

Can an intern work for more than the set internships length?

The goal of Career Launcher is to help employers hire students or grads for internships that can lead to full-time employment.

The wage subsidy can only be used for the length set for the internship. However, the interns can continue to work for the employer once the internship is completed.

Can the same internship be approved for funding again next year?

All submitted internship applications are to be for new positions or new projects only. You may submit the same internship position for a new project in subsequent years. However, you must explain why you are applying for funding for a previously funded position. Approval of these applications will be subject to program criteria and priorities at the time of the application.