Why do I need to submit my banking information to CICan?

The Career Launcher wage subsidies are paid on a reimbursement basis at the midterm and end of the internship by direct deposit. To receive these payments, you must be set up as a vendor with CICan. It is important that this is done upon signature of your contract so that you can avoid any delays when you get to the midterm.

I have participated in Career Launcher in the past and received payment by cheque. Do I need to send in my banking information?

If you have participated in Career Launcher in the past and received payment by cheque, you MUST submit your banking information so that CICan can set you up as a vendor to receive payments by direct deposit. If you do not complete this step now, it will cause delays for your first payment at the midterm of your internship.

Please submit a void cheque by email to cicanfinance@cican.info

Once a contract is in place for the internship, how does the subsidy payment process work?  

Subsidy payments are paid by direct deposit on a reimbursement basis at the midterm and end of the internship. Once you have signed your agreement, your application will move into the Active Internship stage and your midterm report documents will become available to you in the portal. You will be notified by email 10 days prior to your midterm to remind you to log in and complete these documents.

To process your midterm subsidy claim, you will be required to do the following on the portal:

  • Send a request for intern midterm report: Similar to the PIF request, you must send a request to your intern to complete this report.  You will be notified once your intern completes their report, please be sure to follow up with them to ensure they complete it in a timely manner.
  • Completed your employer midterm report
  • Upload a request for subsidy payment: You must download the request for subsidy form, complete it and upload it back into the system
  • Upload all the corresponding paystubs and training receipts (if applicable): Your intern must be paid a salary and you must submit official paystubs. Should you not have official paystubs, you must also include proof of payment (copies of e-transfer or direct deposit confirmations)

How long does it take for an employer to receive a payment once all documents are submitted? 

The Career Launcher team will process subsidy payments within 15 business days of receiving all required documents at the midterm point and end of the internship. If there is missing information or if corrections needed to be made, you will be notified by email and you will be prompted to go back into the portal and make the corresponding changes.

The payment will only be reviewed by Career Launcher once you have completed all the required steps for the midterm or final reporting and have clicked “Submit” on this stage.

My company is a start-up. May I submit screenshots of direct deposits through online banking as proof of wage payment? 

All employers participating in the Career Launcher program must have a registered payroll system (e.g., ADP). The Career Launcher team must receive paystubs issued through a registered payroll system as proof of wage payment to process subsidy claims.

Exceptions may be made for employers using an in-house payroll system, if they are able to provide proof of payment along with the in-house paystubs, such as screenshots of the direct deposits or pay cheques.