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The budget review time will depend on how many applications are in process at the time of your submission. That said, the typical review time is approximately 1 week. Please login to your account to ensure that you have fully completed this step. Once you have filled out the budget form, you must click the “Submit” button on the right hand side of the page. The budget is not fully submitted until you click the green “Submit” button.

To accurately complete your budget please ensure that you refer to your approved program stream’s Internship eligibility criteria on the Career Launcher website and ensure that your internship is meeting the minimum length and weekly hours of work if applicable.

Once your budget is reviewed, you will be notified by email. Should you be required to make changes, these changes will be explained in the email, you will be reverted back to this step in the portal and you will see the same text instructions for how to complete your budget form.

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