Computer Vision Software Engineer

AirMarket Inc.

  Posted: May 5, 2021

  Location: Edmonton, Alberta

  Internship Program: Digital Tech

  Salary Range: $50,000 - $60,000

  Hours per Week: 40

  Start Date: May 10, 2021

  End Date: November 26, 2021

Job Description

The position would be accountable to setup and maintain the Computer Vision development process and automated deployment work stream. The main objective of the Computer Vision program will be the detection of objects or hazardous conditions using an anomaly detection deep learning algorithm for oil and gas pipelines using RGB cameras and thermal cameras. An anomaly detection algorithm should be train and deploy on AWS services to detect the hazardous conditions from drone based surveillance of pipelines / fixed assets. The model will be trained and evaluate base on the data provided by the company. The position will provide technical input and architectural design into the end to end design and deployment of the solution, along with conducting the work activities to implement the solution.

Duties and Responsibilities

-Work with appropriate company staff to define the requirements of the Computer Vision program. Define the scope of anomalies that need to be detected.
- Assemble and associated video / picture data required for machine learning.
- Assemble the hardware and software components that facilitates onboard drone Computer Vision video analytics.
- Establish a computer vision framework to detect undesired objects or activities in the Canadian oil and gas pipeline corridor.
- Deploy the algorithms on "the edge" computer (NVIDIA based hardware) and the appropriate AWS services with a goal of Automate inspection and data acquisition in real-time.
- Develop a cloud-based and web-based application, powered by deep learning algorithms and available sensors on a drone.

Knowledge and Skills

- Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (neural network development)
- Software development design, development and deployment. Languages: C++, Python, PHP
- AWS service configuration and deployment: Sage Maker, AWS IoT, DynamoDB, QuickSight, S3, Kinesis Firehose, Cloudwatch, Cloudformation.
- Networking: TCP/IP, Hardware, Monitoring
- Computers OS: Linux, Windows,

Education Required

Bachelor Degree: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Multimedia,

Certification Required


  How to Apply

To apply, send your resume to

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