Natural Edge Restoration Technician

Watersheds Canada

  Posted: April 27, 2021

  Location: Perth, Ontario, Ontario

  Salary Range: $20,000 - $30,000

  Hours per Week: 35

  Start Date: May 31, 2022

  End Date: February 28, 2023

Job Description

The successful applicant will contribute to the stewardship and outreach work at Watersheds Canada by working to raise landowner awareness of water stewardship principles and environmental impacts on the lakes and rivers within Central-Eastern Ontario. This will include field work using technology to carry out shoreline naturalizations to help improve water quality, reduce shoreline erosion, and create vital wildlife habitat. The technician will assist in conducting site visits at shoreline properties and help deliver our fall/spring planting seasons and workshops. They will also deliver workshops and presentations to inform the community of the program and communicate with project partners the importance of natural shorelines.

Duties and Responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities
- Carry-out site visits and create planting plans for shoreline properties using the Natural Edge iOS App and database. You will need to logically select plant type and placement on the property based on its site conditions (sunlight, moisture, and soil type)
- Utilize strong customer service skills as you collaboratively make planting plans on-site in real-time with the shoreline property owner
- Schedule and attend in-person, telephone, and online meetings with project partners and project steering committee to help coordinate project activities
- Care for native plants including potting, weeding, watering and maintenance work
- Coordinate with project partners on project activities including native plants, landowners, volunteers, and workshops
- Plant shoreline properties with native plants and coordinate volunteers to help plant sites
- Prepare our Natural Edge Starter Kits for landowner pick-up
- Provide weekly content for social media in the form of photos, videos, testimonials, and blogs
- Perform reporting duties, such as taking quality before, during, and after photos of each site, and collecting pre- and post-planting survey results from landowners on-site
- Track property summaries (including number of plants, length naturalized, area naturalized, etc.) in Excel or Google Spreadsheets in a timely manner
- Collect landowner payments and signed Stewardship Agreements
- Prepare reports for steering committee and funding partners
- Promote our programs and engage new landowners in shoreline naturalization projects
- Represent Watersheds Canada and project partners at local fairs, AGMs and other environmental events, and deliver presentations
- Document writing and copy editing in the form of fact sheets, posters, educational booklets, plant databases, and grant applications
- Identify opportunities to approach potential sponsors/donors

Knowledge and Skills

- Demonstrated strong native plant identification skills
- Ability to differentiate soil types in the field and make suitable native plants suggestions based on site conditions
- Ability to adapt to changing environments and work schedules
- Comfortable working around water
- Fieldwork experience is a strong asset
- Excellent judgment and decision-making skills
- Comfortable with public speaking and engagement of the public
- Excellent written and oral communication in English
- Proven multi-tasking skills in a fast-paced environment, completing projects within time constraints
- Computer skills with proficiency in MS Word, Excel, and Adobe
- Ability to work both independently and in a team environment
- Proven high level of motivation and initiative

- Preference will be given to those with some experience in the conservation and/or environmental sectors, particularly those with shoreline design and landscape architecture experience
- Access to own vehicle
- Experience driving a truck, and a truck pulling a trailer
- Able to work outside all day in all weather conditions, for multiple days in a row
- Able to carry up to 50lbs

Education Required

College or University, with preference given to those with a specialization in Natural Resources Management, Environmental Studies/Science, Landscape Architecture, Horticulture, Botany, or Conservation Biology

Certification Required

Valid First-aid/CPR certification, valid G license, clean driving record

  How to Apply

To apply, send your resume to

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