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  Posted: April 21, 2022

  Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

  Internship Program: Clean Tech

  Salary Range: $50,000 - $60,000

  Hours per Week: 30

  Start Date: June 6, 2022

  End Date: December 30, 2022

Job Description

Koonkie specializes in custom cloud-based software platforms, algorithmic solutions and workflows that power biological discoveries in genomic sequence data. We focus on modular and high-performance computational workflows that enable users to move rapidly from raw sequence information to structured tables, publication quality figures, and reports. Well-designed pipelines and workflows promote consistent, comparable, and reproducible results that in turn support effective scientific interpretation and communication. In addition to pipeline support, Koonkie provides advanced custom algorithmic and software solutions and interpretation.

Koonkie is a partner integrated within a larger cyberinfrastructure/platform development project entitled, “Mining Microbiome Analytics Platform (MMAP)”. The MMAP project is being actively developed by a consortium of mining and technology companies. MMAP is creating the first integrative platform for collecting, storing, and analyzing sequence data from the mining microbiome. MMAP will provide a database and software ecosystem supporting breakthroughs in microbiome-based resource exploration, extraction, mine closure and remediation – critical issues identified by the mining industry needed to transition to a low carbon future. This work will address the processing and analyses of tens of thousands of mining microbiome samples in order to solve environmental problems in the mining space.

We are looking for microbiologists, biological engineers, and bioinformaticians to help up advance our work on the project. At Koonkie we build our modules in a modular fashion. This means we can get the most out of each script, software and program written. It also means we can scale project scope with the speed and expertise of our interns. We can provide both small and relatively simple tasks as well as larger and more challenging jobs to suit mostly any timeline. We provide mentorship by having our lead developer work closely with our interns to assess their skill sets and help the intern improve. We also provide the resources necessary (cloud compute time, licensed software, local computing resources and all necessary data) to get the job done.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Process and analyze 16S SSU rRNA data
• Process and analyze whole genome shotgun data (WGS) from prokaryotic data
• Produce reports and interpret results
• Develop and deploy existing pipelines on cloud services
• Quality control and pipeline validation
• Pipeline optimization

Knowledge and Skills

• BSc in bioinformatics, genomics, microbiology, engineering, computational biology or related field
• Strong coding skills in python, C++, R
• Familiarity with biopython
• Familiarity with agile programming
• Experience with 16SSU rRNA
• Computational and statistical
• Cloud computing resources

Education Required

BSc in bioinformatics, genomics, microbiology, engineering, computational biology or related field

  How to Apply

To apply, send your resume to

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