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Agri-Environmental Program Intern

Peace Country Beef & Forage Association

  Posted: May 13, 2021

  Location: Fairview, Alberta

  Internship Program: Clean Tech

  Salary Range: $50,000 - $60,000

  Hours per Week: 40

  Start Date: June 15, 2022

  End Date: February 28, 2023

Job Description

Peace Country Beef & Forage Association (PCBFA) is a charitable, producer-run organization dedicating to improving the environmental resiliency of the agriculture industry in Alberta's Peace Country. Our vision is to create agricultural systems that are profitable, regenerative, self-sustaining, and self-maintaining. We work towards these goals through both our research and extension programs. Under our research program, we plan, implement, and execute both small plot and farm-scale research projects that range from demonstration purposes, to adaptive research, all the way through to applied research projects with results that are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and presented at international scientific conferences. Our research projects focus on the environmental impact of agriculture - with a strong focus on soil health, water-use efficiency, and reducing chemical inputs. Under our extension program, we deliver 30-40 educational events per year for local farmers, ranchers, and agronomists, as well as monthly newsletters, biweekly podcasts, semi-annual research updates, an annual research report, and regular social media and website posts. Our extension program relies on the expertise of our own staff team and other local experts, as well as expert speakers from across Canada, the US, and around the world. We cover a wide range of topics, including: soil health, environmental resiliency, greenhouse gas reduction, alternative energy sources on the farm, low-stress cattle handling, cattle market updates, farm financial management, and much more.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Agri-Environmental Intern will divide their time between multiple areas of work, including research, extension, and producer services.

For our research program, the Intern may assist with the following tasks related to the implementation and management of agri-environmental research projects:

-sorting, counting, weighing, and treating seed
-collecting samples (soil, feed, and water) and preparing samples for lab analysis (drying, weighing, shipping)
-preparing fertilizer formulations (weighing & mixing)
-assisting with plot layout and preparation for trials
-helping with field operations, including cultivation, seeding, fertilizer application, mowing, spraying, weeding, harvesting, and plot maintenance
-data collection, field notes, and observations
-assist with data compilation, statistical analysis, and preparation of research reports

For our extension program, the Intern may assist with the planning and delivery of environmental-resiliency focused agriculture extension events and other content (articles, podcasts, blog, etc.).

For producer services, the Intern may begin the process of training to become an Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) technician, and assist other staff with the delivery of EFPs for producers.

Knowledge and Skills

Project Management
Event Planning
Networking & Relationship Building

Practical, Hands-on Skills: plot layout, fertilizer formulation, data collection, soil sampling, water sampling, forage sampling, preparation of samples for lab analysis, and much more.

Knowledge and experience in all aspects of the applied research process - from planning, set up, and implementation of research projects, to collecting, compiling, and analyzing data and preparing research articles.

Education Required

Degree or Diploma in an environmental or agriculture related field

  How to Apply

To apply, send your resume to

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