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As a graduate from the Supportive Care Assistant Program, will I receive any credits or PLAR for the personal care provider program?

You may receive some recognition for the micro-certificate towards the new training. Connect with the college or institute about any PLAR (prior learning assessment recognition) you would receive from the SCA program.

Can I receive the stipend if I enrol in another health care program, like nursing?

No, you can only receive the $5,000 stipend for an eligible personal care provider program.

Is there a deadline for completing the personal care provider program?

Yes, you must complete all elements of your personal care provider certificate before March 31, 2024.

I am currently taking the Supportive Care Assistant Program and am interested in the laddering stipend. What should I do next?

  1. Speak to an education counsellor at your college or institute and express your interest in pursuing a personal care provider program.
  2. Review the program admission requirements and take any steps needed to meet them.
  3. Apply for the personal care provider program.
  4. Once you are accepted into the program, connect with CICan to receive the stipend.

Can I use the stipend to study at a professional career college?

No, the institution must be a CICan member college.

Can I do the personal care provider program at a different institution and still receive the stipend?

Yes. If you completed the SCA program at one institution, you can do the personal care provider certificate at any other CICan member institution. Note that you would need to meet the admission requirements.

When will I receive the $5,000?

The stipend is paid in two instalments. To receive the first $2,500, you will need to provide proof of registration into an eligible personal care provider program. You will receive the remaining $2,500 when you have successfully completed the course and provided proof of completion. Your institution will let you know what documents you can use as proof.

Is the $5,000 stipend only for people who have completed the Supportive Care Assistant Program?

Yes, the stipend is only available for individuals who have successfully completed the Supportive Care Assistant (SCA) micro-certificate. If you’re interested in taking the SCA program, visit careerlauncher.ca/care

What is an eligible personal care provider (PCP) program?

Eligible personal care provider programs are typically 8-to-12-month certificate programs. The names of these programs vary across Canada and prepare you for immediate work in health care. The training typically leads to one of the following roles: continuing care assistant, health care aide, health care assistant, personal care attendant, personal support worker, or resident care worker. The program must be delivered by a CICan member institution. If you have any questions, please contact SCA-APSS@collegesinstitutes.ca.

If tuition is covered by the provincial government, can I still receive the $5,000?

Yes, you can still receive the laddering stipend if tuition is covered by the provincial government. The $5,000 can be used to cover other costs related to the training.

How will I report my expenses?

You do not need to submit any receipts. You will have to provide proof of registration as well as proof of completion in an eligible program. The exact document you need to present depends on your college or institute. Speak to your coordinator for more info.

What kind of expenses can the $5,000 cover?

The stipend is intended to offset costs related to education. It can be used to cover tuition, books, daycare or dependant care, travel costs, uniforms or safety equipment, additional training, certification requirements, transportation etc

What happens if I drop out of the personal care provider program? Will I have to repay CICan?

You must immediately notify CICan of any changes related to your studies. If you received a portion of the $5,000 stipend and must stop your studies, you would not be required to reimburse the funds received.

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