What is a micro-certificate?

A micro-certificate is a formal way of recognizing the knowledge and skills that are very specific to the workplace or industry. It is often recognized with a badge: a digital representation of competencies that can be shared with a link to a platform that provides context and verification. The certificate will be awarded by the college or institute delivering the program at the end of the work placement.

What is the difference between a supportive care assistant and a personal care provider (PSW, HCA)?

The roles are very different. The supportive care assistant role was developed as part of a work integrated training program. Students will support personal care providers (PSW, HCA) and the health care team. The role is limited to non-clinical activities such as:

  • Assisting with meals
  • Assisting with cleaning and disinfecting
  • Stocking materials required by clients and health care staff
  • Making clients’ beds, cleaning their rooms and other areas
  • Providing companionship, comfort, and support
  • Assisting with and accompanying clients as they move about
  • Participating in activities with clients

Personal care provider programs are much longer and as a result they have more responsibility and carry out more complex tasks, such as taking vital signs.

Can I get credit for this program if I go into other health care programs?

Each college will consider your previous education including this program and what you have learned during your work placement when you apply for further education. Additionally, you will have to meet the admission requirements for that program. Each college and institute have upgrading programs if you need to take additional courses.

Are there any costs to participate in the Supportive Care Assistant Program?

The Government of Canada has funded this program. This means that there is no tuition. In addition, there are no textbooks or equipment requirements. There is a limited number of bursaries available to help with costs related to childcare or other care of dependents.

However, there are some costs associated with the program and the work placement such as:

  • Internet and computer access
  • Fee for a criminal record check
  • Any costs for immunizations
  • Appropriate clothing and shoes for work placement (depends on the employer)

There may be additional requirements depending on the college or institute and the employer.