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Do you provide any support for onboarding an intern?

Yes. The Career Launcher toolkit helps employers integrate interns into the workplace and helps interns set goals throughout their internship. We also provide other useful resources for both interns and employers on a range of topics, from diversity and inclusion to mental health and wellness. Read our Employer and Intern Resources page for more.

How can Career Launcher support employers that are unable to find a candidate for an approved internship?

We know that recruiting the right candidate for your internship is a top priority. The Career Launcher team takes the following actions to support your recruitment efforts:

  • Post your internship on the Career Launcher job board
  • Promote our job board on our on our social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) and other networks.

We also encourage you to take the following steps to help increase the visibility of your internship:

  • Share your internship on your organization’s social media pages
  • Post your internship on your local college, polytechnic or Cégep job board
  • Post your internship on relevant local job boards

If an employer already has a potential intern in mind, will Career Launcher support the hire?

Yes. Employers will be asked to indicate whether they already have a candidate when they complete their application and Career Launcher must approve the intern’s eligibility prior to their hire.

Please note that if you indicate that you already have a candidate, your internship won’t be posted publicly, and you will be provided with the necessary documents for you and your intern to complete.

Can an immediate family member be hired as an intern?

No. An immediate family member of the employer or a director or senior officer of the employer cannot be hired as an intern.

An immediate family member means a father, mother, stepfather, stepmother, foster parent, brother, sister, spouse or common-law partner, child (including child of common-law partner), stepchild, ward, father-in-law, mother-in-law, or any relative permanently residing with the employer.

Can an individual currently employed by the employer be recognized as an intern?

No. The subsidy cannot be used for a currently filled position, to replace an employee who is on leave or for a current employee moving to a new position.

Exceptions may be made for an employer who has previously hired a co-op student or student intern and would like to use this funding to hire them after graduation in a new capacity.

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