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            [id] => 82

    [name] => - Herpetology and Habitat Assessment Technician
    [isComplete] => 1
    [created] => 2023-04-20T00:09:40+0000
    [modified] => 2024-02-08T16:43:26+0000
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            [id] => 28984472
            [name] => The Land Between

    [field2039655] => 
    [field2059307] => Yes
    [field2059310] => Yes
    [field2060404] => Herpetology and Habitat Assessment Technician
    [field2060405] => This role involves conducting research to advance the conservation of turtles, snakes and amphibians that are at risk of extinction. The research (including field research) then supports an outreach portfolio for our "Working Watersheds" program, where curriculums and mapping for municipalities support improved conservation of wetlands and lakeshore habitats, and also contribute to flood mitigation and Climate Change Adaptation by increasing Nature Based Solutions. 
    [field2060406] => Conduct literature reviews on scientific research reports related to herpetofauna behaviour, habitats, threats and mitigation options. 
Distill results in summaries to support collaborative and applied solutions and curriculums 
Write newsletters and social media posts to promote and advance related information
Participate in think tanks and meetings related to recovery of species at risk and wetland conservation. 
During field season, take samples and inventories of habitats, and under wildlife permits, of species including body measurements and DNA. 
Review and correct data for mapping of conservation priorities. 
Where needed, support staff to increase education on the value of SAR and wetland habitats by working with live animals and providing presentations.
    [field2060407] => Background and knowledge in wildlife conservation, ecology, or wildlife biology
Experience in Species at risk recovery is an asset
Ability to conduct research and analyze results
Field research skills including gathering data, data standards, and species identifications 
Understanding of GIS
Attention to detail
Writing and oral presentation skills- ability to summarize scientific and complex information in plain language
Team and independents work and learning 
Experience working with the public, providing presentations, or working with kids is an asset

    [field2060408] => Bachelor of Science
    [field2060409] => Training will be provided
    [field2060410] => Haliburton
    [field2060411] => ON
    [field2060414] => 40
    [field2060415] => 39
    [field2060416] => 2024-03-04
    [field2060417] => 2024-11-29
    [field2060419] => Earth Sciences
    [field2060420] => 
    [field2060422] => Science
    [field2060423] => 
    [field2060424] => The role of the intern support the larger goals and outcomes of the Working Watersheds project; and which results in increased protection of Species at Risk, their habitats, and also wetlands habitats. The outcome of the field work is data that is integrated into mapping models, which are then used to guide muncipalities in assessing development proposals and assigning protections. The outcome of the research (desktop and field work) is a working knowledge of trends, priorities and needs for fragile species and areas, and the meaningful contribution to curriculum models to teach municipal leaders and then to affect conservation, and the contribution to a body of scientists in finding solutions for increased environmental protections.      
    [field2060427] => 
    [field2060428] => 
    [field2060429] => 
    [field2060430] => 
    [field2060431] => 
    [field2060433] => 
    [field2060434] => 
    [field2060435] => 
    [field2060437] => The Land Between is leading a comprehensive watershed planning project that is a portfolio of tools including:
a) curriculums that teach decision makers about the value and role of wetlands and natural heritage in climate change adaptation and in supporting biodiversity and SAR
b) decision trees to assess development applications against their impact on Nature based solutions such as wetland's ability to mitigate for floods and droughts
c) Mapping models that are animated to communicate the ecosystem functions of wetlands, headwaters, and natural areas in supporting climate change adaption, and the potential effect of development on the capacity for adaptation/mitigation
This focused project assists in meaningful gains and measurable targets in supporting lake health (Goal 15: Life Below Water), in supporting biodiversity and increased resiliency to climate change impacts such as securing pollinator habitats and SAR habitats (Goal 15: Life on Land), and notably in ensuring cities and communities are more sustainable in terms of their natural heritage preservation and conservation of ecosystem services and nature's capacity to renew herself.    The education for the general public included in this role supports members of our communities in taking more meaningful climate actions (Goal 13). 
    [field2060438] => Array
            [0] => Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
            [1] => Goal 13: Climate Action
            [2] => Goal 14: Life Below Water
            [3] => Goal 15: Life on Land

    [field2060439] => 
    [field2060441] => I have already selected an eligible intern for this position
    [field2060442] => Yes
    [field2060443] => No
    [field2074190] => Leora
    [field2074462] => Berman
    [field2074463] => COO
    [field2074464] => 7058542888
    [field2074465] =>
    [field2078586] => $30,000 - $40,000
    [field2083043] => Yes
    [field2083062] => 
    [field2083064] => Yes
    [field2087896] => Quickbooks
    [field2103320] => 24000.00
    [field2103322] => 
    [field2103328] => 24000
    [field2151056] => Yes
    [field2151067] => 
    [field2193977] => 
    [field2193978] => 
    [field2222608] => 
    [field2239800] => 
    [field2239820] => 0.00000000
    [field2265252] => 
    [field2285638] => 
    [field2304831] => 
    [field2304832] => 
    [field2304835] => 
    [field2451726] => 
    [field2451811] => For this application please check on the application dates with the employer.
    [field2463818] => 
    [field2650936] => 2024.02.08; As per Tolu; we can exceptionally accept this application for the 23/24 fiscal year and will do accruals. I informed the employer that this will be an exception as they hire unrepresented youth and the internship must end by Nov 29, 2024, so that we can complete the internship in December. They finished the interviews and are finalizing the hiring process. The earliest estimation for hiring is March 4. If there is any change in the start date, we can update the dates and budget if impacted. KY
    [field2702334] => No
    [field2743347] => 
    [field2743351] => 
    [field2763249] => 24000
    [field2764630] => No
    [field2764632] => 
    [field2764641] => 
    [field2764642] => 
    [field2770112] => 
    [field3001709] => 
    [field3001710] => Yes
    [field3001720] => 
    [field3002089] => 
    [field3002090] => Sustainable Development
    [field3042544] => 
    [field3111834] => Array
            [0] => Women

    [field3190019] => 
    [field3190020] => 
    [field3194611] => 
    [field3194612] => 
    [field3194614] => 
    [field3194615] => 
    [field3221433] => Array
            [id] => 49179644
            [name] => Natural Resources

    [field3279840] => 
    [field3348611] => Array
            [id] => 
            [name] => 

    [field3424511] => 
    [field3427316] => Array
            [0] => Indigenous person(s) including First Nations, Inuit, and Metis
            [1] => Women

    [field3427817] => The intern is responsible for gathering the background information including case studies and metrics related to natural heritage conservation, which provides the intern with an orientation and broad knowledge of current science, conservation needs, and state of the resource.
The intern is also responsible for conducting field inventories and field research related to Species at Risk and wetland ecosystems, which provides the intern with meaningful transferable skills related to wildlife conservation, recovery and research. 
The intern is responsible for generating reports, providing presentations and also giving educational workshops to the public and municipal stakeholders. These are essential and applied skills in the sector to support any position of leadership. 
Finally, the intern is part of a team and provides essential input into mapping models and think tanks to outline trends, assess priorities and identify actions. This collaboration is important for most social sector roles, where partnerships and deliberative dialogue (relationships) are core to success.   
    [field3429044] => Yes
    [field3429597] => Array
            [0] => Mentorship and/or Coaching
            [1] => Training and/or certifications*
            [2] => Flexible work schedule
            [3] => Accessibility adjustments and/or supports
            [4] => Culturally appropriate adjustments and/or supports

    [field3429663] => 
    [field3436160] => No
    [field3436246] => 
    [field3436632] => 
    [field3441564] => 0.00000000
    [field3441565] => 0.00000000
    [field3483945] => Array
            [id] => 
            [name] => 

    [field3499062] => 
    [field3499077] => 
    [field3499084] => 
    [field3500013] => 
    [field3500014] => 
    [field3593766] => 
    [field3833112] => 
    [field3854808] => 
    [field3921780] => 
    [field4259234] => 
    [field4259235] => 
    [field4266630] => 
    [field4266698] => 
    [field4266820] => 
    [field4267578] => 
    [field4274242] => 
    [field4274248] => 
    [field4274257] => 
    [field4274258] => 
    [field4278251] => 
    [field4293790] => 
    [field4310225] => 2024-02-02
    [field4370211] => 
    [field4370213] => 
    [field4370214] => 
    [field4370215] => 
    [field4370216] => 
    [field4370217] => 
    [folder] => Array
            [id] => 140705
            [form] => Array
                    [id] => 129830

            [name] => Budget Approved / Request PIF
            [order] => 7
            [created] => 2020-11-23T21:53:08+0000
            [modified] => 2021-02-08T21:59:08+0000

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