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Hear first-hand from the interns and employers who benefit from the program.

Megan Hardman

I feel that my internship was a meaningful position where I got to make a real difference in the College. 

Stephen MacFarlane

This internship has been an excellent opportunity to bridge the gap between my academic experience and the more technical conservation 

Alex Hackett

I would recommend an internship to a fellow grad because not only is it a good learning experience, but having the ability 

Michaël Morin

“Excellent opportunity to gain my first work experience in a flexible setting. This first opportunity is often critical in launching 

Brandon Gordon

I would highly recommend this program to recent graduates, finding work directly out of school can be challenging and many 

Brittney Potvin

I would highly recommend employers take part in this program. Youth are tapped into the SDGs and have the knowledge 

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Hear first-hand from the interns and employers who benefit from the program.

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The program provides a great way to bridge the gap between a fast-growing technology company looking to bring on excellent talent and providing an opportunity to bright, talented, young individuals who are looking to build on their skills in a relevant environment. In doing so, there is a huge benefit to both the employer and the new graduate in being able to learn & develop together.

Siddharth Bhambhani

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