Natural Resources Internships

Mobilize an inclusive and skilled green workforce to advance sustainable practices.

Get young workers–especially Indigenous youth, youth living with disabilities and youth living in Northern, rural and remote communities–started in the green economy. Hire an intern in a position that supports the sustainable development of Canada’s natural resources and give them the chance to apply their skills in a green job. You can get up to $32,000 towards their salary and training expenses.

Funded by Natural Resources Canada as part of their Science and Technology Internship Program creating green jobs to help young Canadians of diverse backgrounds gain experience in the natural resources sector, including in energy, forestry, mining and earth sciences.

What you need to know


Up to $25,000 is available for an intern’s salary, and up to $32,000 is available for the salary of Indigenous youth, youth living with disabilities and youth living in Northern, rural and remote communities. *

In both cases, funding can cover up to 80% of the salary and can also be used towards training expenses. Employers must establish an employment contract with interns and they must be paid following a regular payment cycle.

Reimbursement will be dispersed midway and at the end of the internship when the required documentation, including intern paystubs, is submitted.

Cannot be used:

  • For positions receiving a Science and Technology Internship grant from another program delivery partner or a grant from another program funded by Canada’s Youth Employment and Skills Strategy.
  • For a currently filled positions
  • To replace an employee who is on leave
  • For a current employee moving to a new position

*These communities are defined as follows:

  • Northern: Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut
  • Rural community: a population of fewer than 5,000 people and a population density of fewer than 400 people per square kilometre
  • Remote community: a permanent or long-term (5 years or more) settlement with at least 10 dwellings that does not have year-round road access

Application selection process

Here is what to expect when submitting your application:

  • Once the applications window is closed, the Career Launcher team will review all applications.
  • Employers will be notified of their application status approximately one week after the closing of the application.
  • Employers whose applications will be pre-approved for funding will have approximately three weeks to complete the remainder of the application process, including recruitment if required.

Internships will be selected for pre-approval based on:

  • Alignment with the STIP-Green Jobs program objectives to enhance the employability skills of young workers, advance Canada’s climate change goals and integrate sustainable development principles within natural resources sectors.
  • Creation of an employment opportunity for youth furthest from employment, especially Indigenous youth, youth living with disabilities and youth living in Northern, rural and remote communities
  • Strength of the position and its alignment with a natural resources sector: earth sciences, energy (including clean energy), forestry, and mining
  • Natural resources sector representation – we seek a fair disbursement of funds for positions across all the natural resources sectors
  • Geographical representation – we seek a fair disbursement of funds across  Canada

Eligible training

Interns can pursue training during the internship to enhance their skills. The amount of funds allocated to training will vary upon the level of job readiness of the intern, and the total contribution the employer is eligible to receive.

Training will be reimbursed along with the wage subsidy at either the mid-term or end of the internship. Invoices and supporting documents will be required.

Eligible training includes:

  • Training at a CICan member college or institute
  • Online training (such as LinkedIn learning)
  • Professional development workshops
  • Job-related training (for example, driving, first-aid, equipment use, etc.)
  • Organization-led or community-based training

Training must be selected based on the needs of the intern and employer and must be pre-approved by CICan.

Eligible employers

Eligible employers must have an established payroll system, be set up to receive payments by direct deposit, have a process for supervising and mentoring interns, and be a Canadian company or subsidiary in one of the following categories:

  • Post-secondary education institution
  • Indigenous organization or association
  • Small- or medium-sized enterprise (SME), less than 500 employees
  • Large corporation, more than 500 employees
  • Non-government organization (NGO)
  • Not-for-profit organization
  • Municipal or local government
  • Provincial or territorial government, institution, agency or Crown corporation

Eligible internships

Eligible internships are:

  • Up to 12 months in duration
  • Full-time or part-time
  • In a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM), trades or other fields within a natural resource sector*
  • Green jobs that aim to protect the environment or advance processes with positive environmental outcomes

*Natural resources sectors include: earth sciences, energy (including clean energy), forestry, and mining

Example of eligible internships:

  • Community coordinator contributing to climate adaptation initiatives and education
  • Field technician working in environmental sustainability within the forestry sector
  • Education officer improving understanding of potential impacts of oil, gas and forestry development in order to inform industrial planning
  • Land use planner who incorporates sustainability into designs
  • Construction or trades worker that applies knowledge of standard construction techniques while completing green projects
  • Legal advisor working on environmental land assessments for natural resources extraction
  • Wind energy technologist designing and implementing wind energy systems
  • Business analyst researching local environmental and economic impacts of natural resources sectors
  • Conservation officer monitoring impacts on wildlife as a result of the forestry sector
  • Environmental technologist monitoring soil and vegetation as part of a land reclamation process
  • Manufacturing production worker at a company that produce environmental goods

Eligible Interns

Eligible interns are:

  • Between the ages of 15-30 (inclusive) at the start of the internship
  • Canadian citizens, permanent residents or persons granted refugee status in Canada*
  • Legally allowed to work according to the relevant provincial and Canadian legislation and regulations
  • Available to work up to 12 months

Cannot be:

  • Previous participants of a Science and Technology Internship Program
  • Employees of the hiring employer prior to the start of their internship (does not apply to previous coop students or student interns, although this must be clearly indicated by the employer)

*Refugee protection must be conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Persons awaiting refugee status, as well as those who hold a temporary visitor visa, student visa or work visa, are ineligible to participate in a Youth Employment Strategy initiative.

Ready to get started?

Next application deadline: September 23, 2021

Employers will be notified October 4 of their application status.

  • A maximum of two internship applications per employer will be reviewed.
  • Internships need to start before November 1.

Please see the above section Application Selection Process for more details on the process

Past application cycle: Spring/Summer 2021

Submit your internship application!

Are you hiring Indigenous youth, youth living with disabilities or youth living in Northern, rural and remote communities?

Apply anytime! There is no application or recruitment deadline. We will review applications as they come in and inform you of your pre-approval status within one week of receiving your application.

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