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Subsidy payments are paid by direct deposit on a reimbursement basis at the midterm and end of the internship. Once you have signed your agreement, your application will move into the Active Internship stage and your midterm report documents will become available to you in the portal. You will be notified by email 10 days prior to your midterm to remind you to log in and complete these documents.

To process your midterm subsidy claim, you will be required to do the following on the portal:

  • Send a request for intern midterm report: Similar to the PIF request, you must send a request to your intern to complete this report.  You will be notified once your intern completes their report, please be sure to follow up with them to ensure they complete it in a timely manner.
  • Completed your employer midterm report
  • Upload all the corresponding paystubs and training receipts (if applicable): Your intern must be paid a salary and you must submit official paystubs. Should you not have official paystubs, you must also include proof of payment (copies of e-transfer or direct deposit confirmations)
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