Career Launcher Internship Toolkit

These concrete and adaptable tools and templates have been created to help employers integrate interns into the workplace and set goals throughout their internship.

Internship Tools and Templates

Intern Onboarding Checklist

Hired a new intern and not sure where to start? The Intern Onboarding Checklist helps you develop a comprehensive intake program to ensure an easy transition for you and your intern.

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Intern Workplan and Goalsetting Worksheet

A successful internship always starts with a clear goal-based workplan created by interns and supervisors. This template helps accomplish this and includes some great tips for goal setting.

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Mentoring Tip Sheet

An important aspect of any internship is the development of a strong mentor-mentee relationship. This tool will give you some pointers on how to develop and cultivate this relationship to get the most out of your internship.

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Intern Evaluation Form

The Career-Launcher Internships Intern Evaluation Form is a document designed to be used by both interns and employers to evaluate performance and work accomplished during the internship. This document is intended as a template for supervisors and interns to build on and tailor to fit their internship.

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