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Partnerships Manager

Foundation for Environmental Stewardship

  Publié: May 19, 2021

  Emplacement: Remote, Ontario

  Programme de stages: Impact

  Échelle salariale: $40,000 - $50,000

  Heures par semaine: 37

  Date de début: November 29, 2021

  Date de fin: March 31, 2022

Description de l'emploi

Foundation for Environmental Stewardship (FES) is seeking a Partnerships Officer to play a supporting role in the development of FES’ youth-for-youth climate support program. Reporting directly to the Executive Director, the Partnerships Officer will primarily be responsible developing and fostering relationships with the youth-led climate movement and with external organizations looking to support the youth-led climate movement. Mainly, the Partnerships Officer will identify and reach out to youth leaders in the climate movement and consult with them to aid in designing programming and informing the work of the Program Director and Executive Director. The Partnerships Officer will manage relationships with service providers to create and develop capacity-building pathways for grantees. Finally, the Partnerships Officer will be the main communications contact and will ensure that all communications coming from FES are relayed in a timely manner to the public and key stakeholders.
Note, this position is dynamic and exciting – meaning that everyday can look different.

Devoirs et responsabilités

Key Responsibilities:

Outreach: Reach out to youth-led climate organizations to support through FES and to other organizations that want to provide support to youth-led organizations.
Research: Identify and consult with youth-led climate organizations to identify the gaps in resourcing and liase with partner organizations to conduct the needs assessment for the movement,
Communications: Ensure that FES communications are released in a timely manner and sent to the appropriate key stakeholders.
Stakeholder Management: Manage and nurture relationships as it pertains to FES’ youth support program.
Program Development: Work with partners and other service providers to design, schedule, and market capacity-building opportunities for the youth-led climate movement.

Connaissances et compétences

A strong grasp of verbal and written French.
Undergraduate and master’s students seeking a co-op position are eligible.
Minimum 1 year of experience in sales and customer relations required (this can be satisfied through work, internship/co-op, volunteer, and extracurricular activities).
Demonstrated experience in leadership roles or other positions with significant responsibility.
Demonstrated interest in relevant domains (ie. sustainability, environment, education, youth engagement and action) is considered an asset.
Proficient with using word-processing, database and spreadsheet software (most notably Microsoft Office suite, Google Docs and Excel).
Experience in report writing and research.
Some weekend work required.

Skills and Competencies:
Outgoing, energetic, and a great communicator.
Eager to be in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment with a high learning curve.
Excellent customer service and communication skills; able to easily engage in conversations with clients and stakeholders.
A self-starter able to take initiative on responsibilities with minimal supervision; proven ability to work independently.
Highly organized with strong attention to detail; able to juggle multiple responsibilities while consistently delivering results.

Éducation requise

High school diploma

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