Wastewater Technician

Proteus Waters

  Publié: April 26, 2021

  Emplacement: saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  Programme de stages: Natural Resources

  Échelle salariale: $40,000 - $50,000

  Heures par semaine: 40

  Date de début: February 1, 2022

  Date de fin: September 2, 2022

Description de l'emploi

Proteus is looking to hire a person that can work within a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) team environment. We have an advanced Wastewater Technology that needs help. Previously we had a trade person working however did not have the Chemistry and Science background, so we need a University person - who also will help to advance and trouble shoot the technology so we can further commercialize. This new role will lead and manage operations and optimizations at our “Advanced Wastewater Treatment & Water Recovery Plant” located in Saskatoon, SK. This role will have strong support and interactions with a diverse team of people that are experts in wastewater and water engineering, biology, agriculture, chemistry, computers, systems and automation. This role has opportunity to evolve into a more senior position to lead/manage multiple plants and support staff/technicians in the near future. This person would also be immediately placed into a certified operator training program with the goal to write the SWWA Wastewater exams (levels 1,2,3) and in addition an Project Management Certification Program (aligned with the PMP) so they can pursue that certification over the next 2-3 years as they gain experience. This job has high potential (social purpose, economics, education and experience) with strong options & pathways due to the culture and approach of Proteus Waters (e.g. being part of First Nation, Galex Group, SWAN & Veranadah networks, details available in interview). The technology is a Cleantech solution which takes waste and produces clean, odour-free water. When compared to standard solutions (lagoons) it is 10 times cleaner quality, 10 times smaller footprint and is equal in price so will change how we can manage and recover/reuse our wastewaters and directly lessen the demands of potable waters.

Devoirs et responsabilités

The majority of time this person will work alone in an “operational plant environment”. Duties and responsibilities include:
• physical work (lifting, climbing, shovelling, sweeping)
• technical operational work (equipment operations/maintenance, minor repairs/enhancements, monitoring, daily plant duties)
• lab work (sampling, analysis, trending, reporting)
• collaborate (take part in projects that involve external stakeholders, e.g. Academics, Businesses, Associations, etc)
• advancement of innovative models for the recovery and reuse of wastewater within primarily agriculture, bio-energy and general industry applications
• general duties (process improvement, trouble shooting and problem solving, support to other members of the team and to other projects, as deemed necessary by the company)

Note: an issue can arise any time, 24 hrs/day so the role must be available to be on call and flexible and if called upon to support another plant be open to travel (e.g. Regina, SK). It is critical to have a handy/mechanically inclined background and understanding (e.g. chemistry, wastewater, biology, mechanized operations, construction/trades, biotechnology, natural resources/environment, field-work, field-equipment, etc.) and a strong desire to embrace on-the-job training and self-driven growth.

Connaissances et compétences

Ideal knowledge, skills and/or experience includes:
• University education in science, biotechnology, engineering or chemistry
• Comfort with sewage and ability to work with potentially hazardous environments
• Site/Field/Construction (work SAFELY in uncontrolled environments, experience in basic construction, plumbing, compressors, mechanical, drafting, process-flow, etc.)
• Water/Wastewater collection, treatment and distribution knowledge
• Strong proficiency in Computer/Math applications (word/excel/apps/technology) and a open to embrace new applications (e.g. Jira, Basecamp, Google Docs, etc)
• Willingness to learn, grow and advance sustainable water recovery & reuse (cleantech)
• Positive mental attitude with persistence and grit
• Desire to be part of a start-up environment that is entering into a growth & scale phase
• Self disciplined (minimal direct management and often working alone at a plant)
• Project management understanding and an organized/structured mindset
• Implement plant changes/upgrades/fixes (work with engineers to initiate/plan/execute)
• Flexible (job duties evolve as company and plant evolve and new plants are opened)
• Hard working, problem solving, innovative culture alignment and is purpose driven

Éducation requise

post secondary science or biotechnology

Certification requise


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