Conservation and Sustainability Intern

Sustainable Eastern Ontario Network

  Posted: April 9, 2021

  Location: Ottawa, Ontario

  Internship Program: Natural Resources

  Salary Range: $30,000 - $40,000

  Hours per Week: 30

  Start Date: July 12, 2021

  End Date: March 31, 2022

Job Description

Sustainable Eastern Ontario is a network organization that fosters partnerships and collaborations on sustainability activities throughout Eastern Ontario. We connect sustainability groups together, develop strategic collaborations across the sector, build capacity of administration and operations, and celebrate successes across the region. We are raising the profile and capability of sustainability initiatives and telling the story of transition and resilience in our community.

The Conservation & Sustainability Intern will focus on conservation and wildlife projects at Sustainable Eastern Ontario and will lead our STEM activities around nature and sustainability. This includes biology, wildlife restoration, shoreline naturalization, habitat protection, and other conservation issues that we support in partnership with over 100 organizations across the region. Our Sustainability Mapping project is another way that the intern will be able to integrate Natural Resources tracking among the environmental sector in the Eastern Ontario region.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Provide program leadership on conservation and sustainability activities at Sustainable Eastern Ontario
2. Coordinate activities and workshops related to biology, wildlife restoration, shoreline naturalization, habitat protection, and other conservation issues
3. Support STEM-related content for the blog, website, and other media.
4. Support the Sustainability Mapping project that supports conservation and capacity-building efforts with sustainability organizations across the region
5. Serve as a representative on conservation issues to other environmental organizations in the region
6. Support the Energy Cube project to connect natural resources and conversation issues to energy priorities
7. Provide reports and updates on conservation and sustainability mapping to the National Capital Environmental Nonprofit Network (NCENN)
8. Provide administrative support for the organization, including program and operations support
9. Performs other duties as necessary

Knowledge and Skills

• In-depth knowledge of sustainability, Natural Resources, STEM, and conservation issues
• Strong understanding of environmental stewardship
• Knowledge about earth sciences, biology, wildlife restoration, shoreline naturalization, habitat protection, and other conservation issues

Skills & Abilities
• Communication: effective reading, writing, speaking, and active listening skills over the telephone, video chat, e-mail, or in person
• Critical thinking and problem solving: can identify complex problems and analyze large amounts of information to evaluate and develop solutions
• Organization, coordination, and time management: able to develop goals and plans to accomplish them within allocated budget and timeline
• Networking and interpersonal: able to build and maintain trusting and cooperative working relationships with both internal and external stakeholders
• Technological: familiar with computers and computer systems
• Creativity and adaptability: developing, designing, or creating new ideas, relationships, systems, or products

• Motivated, self-starter able to work independently
• Passionate about sustainability, technology, and the environment
• Qualify for a wage subsidy program as outlined by CiCan

Education Required

Post-Secondary degree in a related STEM field

Certification Required


  How to Apply

To apply, send your resume to

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