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Environmental Technician

Trout River Environmental Committee Inc.

  Posted: May 18, 2021

  Location: North Granville, Prince Edward Island

  Internship Program: Natural Resources

  Salary Range: $40,000 - $50,000

  Hours per Week: 38

  Start Date: July 12, 2022

  End Date: February 28, 2023

Job Description

The Environmental Technician will work for Trout River Environmental Committee (TREC), a registered charity which is also a community environmental group. TREC has two other full time employees and four seasonal employees. The Environmental Technician will work with local farmers and landowners to implement programs to address environmental issues in our nine river systems. TREC will participate in federal, provincial, and regional programs to increase tree planting, improve run-off prevention, increase soil organic matter and carbon capture capacity, restore and expand wetlands and salt marshes, construct sediment traps, and other initiatives. Working with projects such as Living Labs and the Agri-Watershed Partnership, this position will enable TREC to engage with a number of existing programs that will result in improvements to the environment and an increased environmental awareness by local landowners and farmers.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Environmental Technician will research existing environmental programs and projects, and provide the resoruces to allow TREC to participate in those projects. Working partly from home and partly from our office, the Environmental Technician will manage TREC's participation in a number of projects. The work of the Environmental Technician will include submitting project proposals, managing budgets and timelines, scheduling meetings and fieldwork, performing soil and water sampling, managing laboratory tests, undertaking research, designing strategies and plans, managing data, developing best management practices, working with farmers and landowners to implement environmental improvements, working with TREC staff to plant trees and perform environmental remediation work, documenting and publishing results. In the winter months, the Environmental Technician will conduct research, consolidate and analyze results, and create a web portal of information for farmers and landowners.

Knowledge and Skills

A background in biology, conservation, environmental science or a similar discipline is required.
Some experience of project work is required.
The ability to work in a team, as well as the discipline to work independently, is required.
Skills in Word and Excel and GIS software is an advantage.
A drivers licence is required.

Education Required

Graduate in Environment, Biology, Conservation or a related subject

  How to Apply

To apply, send your resume to

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