CTK Research and Development Canada Ltd.

  Posted: June 21, 2023

  Location: Surrey, BC

  Internship Program: Clean Tech

  Salary Range: $40,000 - $50,000

  Hours per Week: 38

  Start Date: July 17, 2023

  End Date: January 15, 2024

Job Description

We are currently seeking a motivated and detail-oriented Junior Engineer to join our team. In this role, you will collaborate closely with the Executive team to implement new clean technology products and provide support for various applications. Your primary responsibility will be to conduct laboratory studies, analyze data, and prepare technical reports. Additionally, you will be tasked with managing multiple development programs and utilizing various processing techniques to design data for customers and sustainable development
programs. As a Junior Engineer, you will play a crucial role in administering and analyzing data for customers and technical management. This will involve recommending investigations for polymer processes and monitoring customer issues. You will be expected to assist in identifying and resolving issues effectively, while also providing guidance to junior staff
in developing resolutions for problems that arise.

Maintaining product improvement policies and promoting efficient and safe lab operations will be an important aspect of your role. It will be essential to ensure adherence to all site safety regulations and to drive continuous improvement in the laboratory and the clean technology and sustainable developments that are produced. Additionally, you will be responsible for designing new materials in the clean technology and sustainable practice sector based on customer requirements. This will involve managing communication with suppliers to develop new compounds and maintaining expert knowledge in the field. In addition to your laboratory-focused responsibilities, you will also be involved in the operation and maintenance of manufacturing machinery. Your role will encompass setting up, operating, and troubleshooting the machinery to ensure smooth operations throughout the manufacturing process.
We are looking for candidates with strong analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as excellent organizational and time management abilities. Effective communication and interpersonal skills are essential, as you will collaborate with various stakeholders and provide guidance to junior staff. Attention to detail and accuracy are critical in this role, along with familiarity with laboratory equipment and procedures. Knowledge of manufacturing processes and machinery operation will also be beneficial.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Junior Engineer will be responsible for the following duties and responsibilities:
1. Coordinating with the Executive team to implement new products and providing support for new applications.
2. Conducting various laboratory studies to analyze data and preparing comprehensive technical reports.
3. Managing multiple sustainability development programs and utilizing various processing techniques to design data for customers and development programs.
4. Administering and analyzing data for customers and technical management, including recommending investigations for polymer processes and additional clean technology initiatives.
5. Monitoring customer issues and actively assisting in identifying and resolving problems effectively. Providing guidance to junior staff in developing resolutions for issues related to clean practices and sustainability.
6. Maintaining product improvement policies and promoting efficient and safe lab operations. Ensuring strict adherence to all site safety regulations.
7. Designing new materials as per customer requirements and managing effective communication with suppliers to design new compounds. Maintaining expert knowledge in the field and ensuring clean technology and sustainability are at the forefront of operations.
8. Setting up, operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting all manufacturing machinery to ensure smooth operations.
9. Collaborating with cross-functional teams to support product development and improvement initiatives.
10. Staying updated on industry trends, advancements, and emerging technologies related to engineering and manufacturing processes.
11. Assisting in the evaluation and implementation of new equipment, technologies, and methodologies to optimize productivity and efficiency.
12. Participating in training programs and professional development activities to enhance skills and knowledge in the field.
13. Ensuring accurate documentation of experimental procedures, data, and results for reference and regulatory compliance.
14. Contributing to the continuous improvement of laboratory practices, protocols, and standard operating procedures. With dedication to resource management and sustainability.
15. Collaborating with colleagues and actively participating in team meetings, project discussions, and problem-solving sessions.
Please note that this list is not exhaustive and other duties may be assigned as per organizational requirements and the evolution of the role.

Knowledge and Skills

The Junior Engineer position requires a solid foundation in polymer science and engineering. Proficiency in the field of polymer science is essential, including a comprehensive understanding of polymer properties, structure-property relationships, and processing techniques. Knowledge of renewable polymers and their processing and chemical modifications is highly desirable, as the organization places importance on sustainability and eco-friendly materials. Experience with polymer blends, composites, and nanocomposites is also valuable, as these materials often play a crucial role in product development and innovation.
Furthermore, expertise in operating and optimizing extrusion machinery, as well as other relevant machinery for bioplastics, is necessary. The ability to effectively set up, operate, and troubleshoot these machines is critical to ensuring smooth manufacturing processes and maintaining product quality.
In addition to technical knowledge, strong problem-solving and analytical skills are necessary for this role. The Junior Engineer should be capable of analyzing complex data, interpreting results, and drawing meaningful conclusions. The ability to apply critical thinking to identify and resolve issues related to polymer processing and manufacturing is crucial.
Excellent communication and collaboration skills are essential for working effectively with cross-functional teams, suppliers, and customers. The Junior Engineer should possess the ability to clearly communicate technical concepts, provide guidance to junior staff, and engage in constructive discussions and problem-solving sessions. Given the organizations focus on continuous improvement and innovation, the Junior Engineer should have a passion for staying updated on emerging trends, advancements, and technologies in the field of polymer science and engineering. This includes a proactive approach to learning and an eagerness to participate in relevant training programs and professional development activities.
Overall, the ideal candidate for this position should possess a strong knowledge base in polymer science and engineering, with specific expertise in renewable polymers, polymer blends, composites, nanocomposites, and the operation of extrusion machinery for bioplastics. The candidate should be committed to the preservation of resources and managing resources for a more sustainable environment. A combination of technical proficiency, problem-solving skills, effective communication, and a passion for innovation will contribute to success in this role.

Education Required

The Junior Engineer position requires a minimum educational qualification of a degree in Engineering in a relevant field of study. A degree in Engineering in a relevant field of study is a fundamental requirement for the Junior Engineer role. It ensures that candidates have acquired the necessary educational foundation and technical knowledge to effectively contribute to the organizations polymer science and engineering initiatives.

  How to Apply

To apply, send your resume to

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