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Communications and Outreach Leader

The Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance Inc.

  Posted: May 18, 2022

  Location: Moncton, NB

  Internship Program: Clean Tech

  Salary Range: $40,000 - $50,000

  Hours per Week: 40

  Start Date: September 1, 2023

  End Date: February 29, 2024

Job Description

The Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance is a registered environmental charity that has a wide variety of current and past projects that generally fit into 4 general categories; scientific monitoring, habitat improvement, environmental assessment, and education & outreach. Together, these themes provide a rounded approach to restoring and protecting the ecological services of the water systems that flow into Shepody Bay through science-based research, action, and public outreach.
As such, the Communications and Outreach Lead will develop and exercise skills and strategies for increased engagement with stakeholders (government, a variety of demographics within the public, funders, and the private sector), increase awareness and understanding of the PWA's work among stakeholders, increase stakeholder understanding of environmental challenges in the watershed, and increase stakeholder engagement in being part of the solution to these challenges. The role also requires an understanding, interest in learning about, and ability to educate the public on environmental sciences and challenges relevant to our watershed to properly lead our communications and outreach strategy.
We have many resources including books, recorded webinars and trainings, guides, access to our networks and partners, knowledgeable staff and board of directors, and others to support the Communications and Outreach Lead in delivering informed content and materials for outreach and education. Staff are encouraged to take the time to research and understand the topics that we work on so that we can be effective in all areas of our work.

Currently, our projects include:
- Fish passage (especially salmon) monitoring and habitat restoration
- Studying GHG sequestration, water quality impacts, and habitat improvement on farms
- Invasive phragmites monitoring and remediation
- Green infrastructure (especially rain gardens, riparian zones, and urban forestry)
- Water quality monitoring and analysis (including our in-house lab)
- Increasing the availability and awareness of native plant species and their seeds
- Pollinator habitats
- Waste and stormwater mitigation
- Erosion mitigation and geomorphology
- Wetland assessments and delineations
- And more

Duties and Responsibilities

The Communications and Outreach Lead will work with PWA staff to implement and improve an annual communications plan that effectively communicates PWA's work and impact and results in increased engagement, increased number of supporters and subscribers to our newsletter and social media, and increased support from a broader range of stakeholders.

This could include:
- Review past membership, evaluate interest in PWA’s communications, and what content they would like to see.
- Assisting with website maintenance
- Maintenance and implementation of an annual communications calendar/workplan
- Managing social media, pre-scheduling social media posts/include annually relevant topics in the annual communications calendar
- Leading and organizing public outreach activities with support from other staff
- Creating templates for increased ease of implementation of the communications plan
- Leading the creation of quarterly newsletters with inclusion of blog posts from staff and volunteers
- Photographing PWA work for inclusion in outreach activities
- Tracking, improving, and reporting on outreach KPIs
- Collaborating on press releases to bring visibility to the PWA’s messaging and work
- Researching and writing about relevant topics to the PWA’s work to be used as blog posts and newsletter content
- Other communications activities
These activities will result in a continuously improved communications strategy, increased engagement with stakeholders (government, a variety of demographics within the public, funders, and the private sector), increased awareness and understanding of the PWA's work among stakeholders, increased stakeholder understanding of environmental challenges in the watershed, and increase stakeholder engagement in being part of the solution to these challenges.

This position is generally flexible in schedule, though some evenings and weekends may be required with equal time off during regular hours. This position is based out of our downtown Moncton office, with some travel for outreach and other required activities. Mileage is provided when use of personal vehicle is required. The Communications and Outreach Lead will join other staff in the field to better understand the PWA's work, and to document the work for communications with stakeholders. The PWA is a highly collaborative work environment.

Knowledge and Skills

Our ideal candidate has:
- Demonstrated knowledge of and interest in learning more about environmental topics relevant to our watershed
- An understanding of, or an interest in learning about, environmental sciences
- Ability to understand and communicate about the connection between communities and human activities and their impact on the environment (both positive and negative)
- Experience working within and/or an understanding of not-for-profit engagement and outreach strategies
- Outgoing and personable, experience working with the public, and an ability to engage the public in our messaging and activities
- Experience working with social media and an understanding of how to leverage it for organizational goals
- Highly organized, self-motivated, and able to collaborate with colleagues
- Interest in participating in field and other PWA work for the purposes of documenting and sharing those stories with stakeholders
- Willing to lend a hand with other projects as needed, and ask for help from colleagues when needed
- Ability to communicate about and address challenges encountered constructively
- Creative and able to put ideas into action
- Trainable and eager to learn

Education Required

As required by funding program. Preference to those with demonstrated interest in environmental conservation and background in a field relevant to communications and outreach (marketing, journalism, graphic design, languages, etc...)

  How to Apply

To apply, send your resume to

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