Fleet Performance tool developer - Intern

  Posted: April 2, 2024
  Location: Pierrefonds, Montreal, Quebec
  Type: Hybrid
  Internship Program: Clean Tech
  Hourly rate: $22
  Hours per Week: 40
  Start Date: May 1, 2024
  End Date: January 31, 2025

Job Description

At Vṛtta Green Solutions, we envision developing novel green technologies and products to help people live more sustainably. Our vision is aligned with our tagline - ‘Greener Choice, Better Life’. All our products are thoughtfully aligned to lower carbon footprint and minimize negative impacts on the environment. We are a start-up that works with a passion for sustainable living and with a firm belief that our products can and would create a positive change globally, contributing towards environmental well-being.

We are seeking a dedicated full-time Fleet Performance tool developer - Intern to support the development of transport industry software. The position is an entry-level position and is subject to probation. The software developer intern is expected to support our team to build user interfaces and Android/iOS applications. This role includes developing new code, modifying existing code, finding and fixing bugs, optimizing performance, and adding new features and functionality to meet market demands. Further, the position demands quality testing (QA), maintenance, and production support.

Knowledge and Skills

Science, Technology, Engineering elements:

The candidate will primarily support the technical development of a GHG estimation tool for the transportation industry. The intern will be exposed to software architecture, programming languages, facets of Application development, statistics, energy capacities, fleet energy assessments, power density of various propulsion systems, mathematical calculations, probability factors, machine learning, simulation based vehicle models, artificial intelligence, etc. The project provides exposure to a real-time app development for a complete sustainability pilot-product under the guidance of a project leader; this is an invaluable experience. Furthermore, the experience inculcates environmental consciousness and thinking. This will help the engineer to propagate environmental awareness and responsibility throughout his/her career, irrespective of the field that the candidate chooses to pursue in the future.

Duties and Responsibilities

We are developing a fleet performance visualization tool for the transport industry that contributes about ¼th of Canada’s total GHG Performance. The goals of the project are: 1). Increasing knowledge and awareness of the fleet profile, and low-emission alternatives through scientific approaches and automated energy assessments based on data analysis of real fleet data; 2). Empowering fleet companies with simple and visually-interactive tools to gain useful insights into their fleet behaviour and repower demands; 3). Promote a data-driven target-oriented approach to decision making (based on predictive analytics and AI-based machine learning) aimed towards low emission alternatives. The project is expected to lower the barriers to the adoption of low-emission vehicles/equipment through creating awareness and empowering fleet owners with the simple visualization tools.
Job duties:
a. Develop graphic user interfaces and data visualization tools to enable a better understanding of the GHG fleet assessment data
b. Develop automated tools to carry out the fleet energy assessments combining inputs from multiple fleet management softwares; assist the algorithm development process
c. Through interactions with fleet companies, develop clear and simple data visualization interactive tools that represent their cumulative fleet energy behaviour
d. Develop software programs or use relevant libraries on Python or C/C++ as auxiliary modules; Use machine learning and AI based libraries for predictive analytics to move to low-emission alternatives
e. Assist the development of minimum viable product (MVP) for the fleet owner needs
f. Assist in the quality assurance and deployment efforts of the software tools
g. Support sustainable research activities and environmental consulting activities as per the green road map of the company

Education Required

Ideal qualifications:

1)Post-secondary accomplishment
2)Strong knowledge of the following programming languages: Python, Kotlin/Java for Android, and Dart (Flutterflow), SQL database management
3)Experience in developing IT applications or mobile apps (Android, iOS)
4)Application Design/UI experience
5)Integration of fleet management software output reports, fuel data, APIs, and other vehicle parameters into macros used for GHG fleet energy assessments
6)Experience with Visual Studio, GitHub
7)Exposure to data analysis libraries, HTML, and their integration into GUIs; basics of machine learning and statistics
8)Self-sufficient and independent, must be able to use available tools to resolve issues (i.e.: Google, Stack Overflow, CodeGPT, etc…)
9)Exposure to QA testing
10)Strongly passionate about sustainability and the environment
11)Strong interpersonal skills, and knowledge of French
12)Problem-solving skills with an eye for detail.

The solution clearly has a positive environmental impact and aligns with the Canadian government’s net zero goals for the transport industry. The project sheds knowledge on the alternate forms of propulsion and the GHG Performance associated with the fleet owners’ choices.

  How to Apply

To apply, send your resume to

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