Director of Environmental Projects

  Posted: April 4, 2024
  Location: Halifax, NS, Nova Scotia
  Type: Virtual
  Internship Program: Clean Tech
  Hourly rate: $23
  Hours per Week: 35
  Start Date: May 6, 2024
  End Date: February 2, 2025

Job Description

Who We Are:

The OATHE Project is an environmental non-profit whose acronym stands for "One Act at a Time to Help the Earth" and whose mission is to foster a global community dedicated to eco-action. Recognized in 2023 with Canada's Youth SDG Award for Environmental and Climate Action, OATHE has done this work in many ways (some projects listed below).
OATHE aims to leverage the power of technology to spread the message that the environmental challenges of our time require all of us to do our parts. What does this mean? We must as a collective advocate for structural shifts at an institutional level, and at the same time look to change individual mindsets and behaviors as well. Hence, our campaigns have three goals: First, to educate the public and policy makers about certain environmental issues. Second, to have them #TaketheOATHE and commit to singular action steps on a regular basis, that may seem small when taken individually, but can collectively make a global impact. And third, to create communities of eco-actors, dedicated to accelerating change through coordinated efforts.

While our specific projects do evolve, some notable ones are listed below:

- Our first initiative involved a pledge campaign where folks committed to picking up one piece of litter each day: This then led to wider-scale community cleanups being organized in four provinces around Canada.

- Since 2021, and working with some amazing partners, we have organized an ideathon that has historically reached 800+ youth across 40+ countries over three editions, all of whom were working together to create novel solutions for climate change. The event has been profiled in the National Observer, Aqua Blog and elsewhere.*

- Our team also launched a podcast series, "One Act at a Time: Stories of Change," to highlight climate leaders around the world. Each guest is creating change with their own unique actions, such as developing climate-based apps, reducing food waste, growing BIPOC leaders in the climate field, cultivating regenerative agriculture, and more.

- As well, we were co-founders alongside the Climate Reality Project of the Atlantic Climate Change Network (ACCN) which creates a space for leaders in the Atlantic region to connect about climate issues:

- Further, we are co-organizers of LCOY Canada, which stands for the "Local Conference of Youth" and is a UN-sanctioned event that has historically seen 500+ youth participate over two years, all collectively working to identify youth-led demands for environmental and climate action. Learn more @*

- As well, we have been co-developers of the EarthNet platform which is a networking platform that acts as a directory of climate action, bringing together current and aspiring climate champions to share climate projects, connect with one another, reduce duplication, and collaborate in the fight against climate change. Since launching in 2022, we have already reached 2K+ users through this platform:*

- Additionally, we are also in the process of starting up a nationwide hub for youth-serving climate organizations in Canada, with the goal to increase networking and coordination amongst the many organizations involved in this space.*

- And finally, we are currently working with the Tamarack Institute on an ecosystem mapping project for the Halifax region, where we are looking to identify and map out key stakeholders involved in the climate space in our home city of Halifax, NS.*

* The starred projects represent the focus of work for our Director of Environmental Projects. It will be a multifaceted role, offering opportunity to play a key leadership role in supporting the realization of these projects, with a key need for STEM leaders who are keen to mix in an element of community building to foster positive climate action. Learn more about us by visiting our social media or website @!

Who We Are Looking For:

A science, networking and technology whiz who is as passionate about environmental change as we are! Our ideal candidate will be very good with technology, strong in their understanding of the science behind climate change, creative in how they design their content, data-driven in their approach, organized in their ability to manage complex projects. They will be especially interested in the power of networks and community building to accelerate work in the environmental space, and will have a key role in coordinating work across many stakeholders. To this, the youth will help with community outreach via social media, organize virtual events, plan workshops, recruit volunteers, fund partners for future projects and support in the implementation of our various projects.

If you are an enthusiastic, community-minded, can-do individual, who believes in the power of collective action to make an impact, cares about the environmental problems of our time and does not mind wearing many hats each day, this is the ideal job for you.

Knowledge and Skills

Knowledge and skills that will be required are as follows:

- An understanding or background in the science behind climate change, especially to advise on the direction of our environmental programming and ensure it is aligned with global best practices around how to address this climate crisis.

- A strong familiarity with technology, including Canva and social media tools for marketing, website development tools, the Google Suite and more. As a core part of the work is on developing the EarthNet platform, coding or UX development knowledge will be an asset.

- Excellent organizational, time management and problem-solving skills, with a willingness to learn, and open to sharing new ideas to improve the organization

- Able to work alone and with others, with strong interpersonal communication skills

- Bilingualism and previous non-profit experience is an asset

- And above all, genuine passion for the environment, desire to make a difference for our planet, and a belief in the power of collective action to make massive, global impact

Key learning outcomes will be as follows (in terms of knowledge to be developed):

- Gain an understanding of life in a non-profit start-up, and be a part of its early growth

- Learn to work well in a fast-paced environment involving a wide variety of task

- Learn about the challenges involved in implementing environmental change at both a local and global scale (our projects range from of a scope of Halifax to the world)

- See how marketing, communications and IT theories can be implemented in real life

- Develop competencies for community-based outreach and stakeholder engagement

- Bring in your own original ideas to see them implemented in practice!

Duties and Responsibilities

Specific Responsibilities:

- Supporting the coordination of OATHE-sponsored events and in particular the fourth edition of the Climate Change-Makers Challenge and the third edition of LCOY Canada; This will involve elements of marketing, close interaction with other stakeholders; the supervision of junior staff supporting such projects; and more.

- Advising on the continued development of the EarthNet platform, helping to recruit partners, advising on the platform’s design and working with users to identify ways that the platform can better address the specific needs of the climate action community.

- Acting as lead in delivering our ecosystem mapping project with the Tamarack Institute, working to map out project timelines and deliverables, advising stakeholders on their responsibilities to ensure success of the project and supporting relevant outreach.

- Actively exploring new ways to increase community engagement, from increasing our social media reach, working on content marketing (e.g. blog posts or our podcasts) and updating our website or online presence to better communicate our work.

- Exploring questions related to the long-term sustainability of the OATHE Project, which may include things like ideating around our young non-profit’s future paths, researching or supporting applications for grant funding to sustain our work in the long-term, and designing new campaigns/ events that can maximize our impact.

- And more generally, assisting with a variety of other tasks as needed, for example to help run meetings, advise on our future direction, support in hiring and more… This is a senior leadership role with a broad scope and requiring many hats, but one that can be exciting for the right person and with lots of space to bring new ideas, make one’s unique mark to our organization and develop the position into their own!

Education Required

- Degree or Certificate in environmental studies, business, communications, community development, international development, philosophy, social sciences, IT or similar.

- Certifications related to climate work, programming or STEM concepts are assets.

  How to Apply

To apply, send your resume to

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