Algonquin College intern gains valuable experience through CICan’s Career-Launcher Internship program

Thanks to CICan’s Career-Launcher Internship program, Algonquin College was able to hire Martyna Tomczynski, a grad from the college’s Environmental Technician Diploma Program, to advance their agri-environmental research. Hiring Martyna through the program gave Algonquin College $15,000 towards her salary.

“Our experience with Martyna has been exemplary. She is eager to learn, works well in a team setting, but is also self-directed and independent, says Julie Sylvestre, Project Manager at the Office of Applied Research and Innovation, Algonquin College’s Waterfront Campus. Martyna has played an integral role in the evolution of our many projects targeting the implementation of agricultural best management practices. The knowledge and skill she brings to projects is without a doubt a major part of why we are so successful at what we do.”

As one of 21 colleges and institutes benefiting from the program, the applied research team at Algonquin College’s Waterfront Campus in Pembroke, Ontario, is seeing firsthand the high-quality work graduates are ready to and capable of achieving.

“I have been able to collaborate with college and university faculty, community partners, local NGOs and industry leaders on several projects throughout my internship. This has exposed me to the ways that organizations navigate the political, social, economic and technological aspects of approaching a mutual goal – in this case, restoring the health of the Muskrat Lake Watershed, says Martyna. I am very grateful for this experience, and the knowledge I have gained throughout my time working at Algonquin College. It has inspired me to continue my studies in the natural sciences.”

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