March 7, 2024

Maximize financial supports for your apprenticeships!

Apprenticeships are integral to preparing your business for the future and remaining competitive. As a small to medium-sized business in construction or manufacturing, the journey might feel a bit daunting, especially when budgeting comes into play. However, there’s good news: numerous financial supports are available to support businesses like yours. Plus, you can combine our hiring incentive with local and provincial wage subsidies, grants, and tax credits!

Provincial Funding Opportunities

Learn more about opportunities to support apprenticeships that can offset costs for wages, tools, training, PPE, and more.

 Federal Grants to Incentivize Apprentices

You can also receive federal grants to recognize your apprentice’s milestones and motivate them to complete their training, such as:

  • The Apprenticeship Incentive Grant which offers $1,000 to apprentices for completing specific program levels (up to a max of $2,000 per person).
  • The Apprenticeship Completion Grant which provides a one-time grant of $2,000 for apprentices who complete their training and achieve a journeyperson certification in a Red Seal trade.

In addition to the hiring incentive from Career Launcher Apprenticeships, leverage these financial supports to ensure a rewarding apprenticeship experience for both your business and the apprentice.

Career Launcher Apprenticeships

Get up to $20,000 to hire new apprentices.


Discover tips and tools to help your business navigate and maximize apprenticeships.

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