Consult our comprehensive FAQS for the latest information on eligibility requirements, the application process, payments, and so much more.

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You must first apply and enrol into an eligible personal care provider certificate program. Here are some tips to help with the application process:

  • Let your SCA instructor know you’re interested in taking the next step; they may be able to help
  • Do some research and decide where you’d like to study – you can take the program where you’re doing your SCA program or at any other CICan approved college or institute
  • Look at the available program start dates and application deadlines
  • Ensure you meet the admission requirements
  • If you need to take a test to meet the requirements (for example a language proficiency test), start the process right away
  • Ensure you have all the documents you need to apply
  • Apply early! Application deadlines can be months before the start date and programs can fill up. You can apply for a personal care provider certificate while still an SCA student
  • Explore other bursaries and scholarships – each institution usually has information about financing your studies and can point you to resources for applying for further assistance
  • Apply for PLAR (prior learning assessment recognition) if applicable

Once you have completed the SCA program and are enrolled in a personal care provider program, you can request the $5,000 stipend.

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